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Our credit philosophy is founded on understanding
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You can use a secured loan for any business purpose. This can include buying commercial property, residential development, equipment or debt consolidation. You can also use it to grow or expand your business, refinance debt or use the funds as working capital.

Property Development,
Subdivision, Renovation,
Up to DA Approval

  • Borrow up to 70% of security Value
  • Alternative income verification
  • Drawdown facility available

Business Growth &
Working Capital

  • Fixed asset purchase
  • General business expenses
  • Capture a strategic business advantage

Refinancing Debt

  • Consolidate debts to improve cashflow
  • Refinance to extend repayment terms
  • Credit Impairment considered

Equity Release

  • Cash out for business needs
  • Residual Stock
  • Late stage construction costs

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